Our business is all about family...

We work together, eat together and have fun together!

Come and try this local favourite.

Our Story...

Owning a restaurant, is that perhaps a dream come true for Bonnie? Yes...but a pizza store had never crossed her mind.

However, in a pursuit to find her daughter a job, she ended up as a store manager for the previous pizza shop owner. One month in, he suggested she consider purchasing the business. The catch... she had a Photography Business going for 13 years and could not see a way to have both businesses. So one of them had to go!

There was a big decision that had to be made. Follow her dream to own a food establishment? Or stick with her photography business?

In a short few months through a very unplanned journey, she connected with a buyer for her photo business and the door opened to move into the pizza business! "God had clearly shown the path he had for us." shares Bonnie with many who ask "How did you get to owning a pizza store?"

She loves people. She strives to serve and make great tasting, quality food, all while creating a warm atmosphere for both staff and customers. We think of our food as comfort food...you know the kind that your mom used to make.

What's in the name?

Family Time Pizza came from a desire to encourage the family unit to gather around the table and enjoy good food while spending time together. After all, pizza is even better when shared with others!

Family Time Pizza has been operating since 2016 and looks forward to many more great years serving this wonderful community. There is no better place to enjoy a fresh pizza than at Family Time Pizza!

However, don't take our word for it! Come on out and try it for yourself.

Thank you for taking interest in our story and thank you for supporting our family business!

Family Time Pizza

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